Yuval Harlev, Strategic Consultant

Expertise Areas: Local Government, Real Estate and Industry, Energy and Environment.

Yuval joined Gilad in 2023 and manages clients from the business sector and the third sector as part of their activities among decision-makers in the Knesset and the government.

Yuval has expertise in government and Knesset work and has extensive experience in leading processes with government officials and decision makers. In the past, Yuval was a Knesset-government and political adviser to former Social Security and Welfare Minister Meir Cohen, and before that he worked as an economist at the Ministry of Finance and concentrated on multi-office projects in the field of nonbank credit. In addition, Yuval has experience in managing political campaigns in the municipal national field.


Yuval holds a B.A in Economics, Politics and Government from Ben-Gurion University

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