Yael Shilony, CEO & Partner

Yael Shilony a partner in Gilad, serves as the Company’s CEO since 2016, and has been working in Gilad since 2004. Under her responsibility about 20 employees and by assembling a group a high-quality and professional personnel and implementing structured work processes of focus, innovation, planning and goal setting – Yael has led Gilad to impressive achievements in the field of lobbying in Israel.

Yael has extensive knowledge and experience in the Israeli parliamentary political system and in-depth professional knowledge in the field of lobbying and working   vis-à-vis government officials.

Previously served as a parliamentary advisor to the late Minister of Tourism and Transport Amnon Lipkin – Shahak and an advisor to the late Minister of Tourism Rehavam Zeevi.

Yael holds a BA in political science from Tel Aviv University.

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