Rachel Ben David, Strategic Consultant

Expertise Areas: Education, Law, Social & Environmental Organizations.

Rachel joined Gilad in 2021 and manages client portfolios from the business sector and third sector in the framework of their activities among decision makers in the Knesset and government. Rachel has experience in crisis management in a complex arena and in providing a quick and efficient response to unexpected events, whilst maintaining a comprehensive view of strategic, political and media aspects.

Rachel has extensive experience working in the Knesset and with government officials. Rachel was previously a parliamentary advisor to MK Karin Elharer and responsible for the regional political activity of the ‘Yesh Atid’ party, and by virtue of this formed broad partnerships and ensured the representation of the activists’ public interest in the Knesset and among decision makers. Prior to this, Rachel worked for several years in the Prime Minister’s Office as head of the central situation room.

Rachel holds a BA in history and philosophy from Tel Aviv University and MA in organizational consulting from Bar Ilan University.

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