Gilad Group

A global consulting firm dealing with government relations, business development, communications, crisis management and political campaigns.

We specialize in the public arena and are competent in locating the power bases and influencing them. We understand how decisions are taken and how to produce an effective impact on the process.

Our success stems from our team of experts’ experience and knowledge in analyzing influence maps and power bases in the public sector, combined with a unique methodology and precise management tools. We are proficient in analyzing local and global market trends, designing a winning strategy and work plan for our clients that fulfills the Company’s vision and goals.

We are committed to results, adhere to integrity and transparency and act with determination to achieve goals.

Areas of Expertise

Health and pharma, industry, transportation and aviation, tourism, energy, finance, unions sections, environment and sustainability, municipal, agriculture, medical cannabis, technology, telecom, infrastructure, non-profits.

The Companies within the Group

Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying – the most senior leading lobbying company in Israel specializing in the provision of strategic advice in the government arena. The company, under the management of Yael Shilony, offers lobbying, government relations and crisis management services to leading companies and organizations in the Israeli market and to international corporations.

Pro Strategy – a company specializing in communications, relations, crisis management, leading campaigns and managing personal reputation, under the management of Ori Ramati. The company’s experts have experience in communication systems and they were senior editors and leading commentators in the leading media agencies in Israel.

BSI is a company specializing in the management of international public political campaigns under the management of Ariel Sander and lawyer Mark Zell
BSI experts manage political campaigns in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. The team is responsible for leading the Republican Party’s strategy in Israel, and in 2016 managed the party’s campaign, which led to the election of the President of the United States – Donald Trump.

GS Strategic Management – a company specializing in business development for companies and organizations, which includes recruiting investors, accompanying and entering international markets, brokerages, mergers and acquisitions, under the management of Amir Gilad

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