The Group

Gilad Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in government affairs, business development, communications, Crisis management and political campaigns. Our clients include leading corporations from various industries.

We specialize in the public arena and know how to pinpoint the centers of power and influence them. We understand how decisions are made and how awareness is created.

Our team of experts has rich experience and expertise in influencing decision makers to positively impact our clientele. Our success flows from our extensive work in analyzing influence maps and centers of power using our proprietary methodology which consistently brings results.
We study global and local market trends and formulate the best practices in accordance with our clients' vision and strategy. We do so while maintaining a culture of independence, integrity, and responsiveness.


Fields of expertise:
health & pharma, industrial, transportation & aviation, energy, finance, labor unions, environment, municipalities, agriculture, medical cannabis, technology, telecon, infrastructure, nonprofit institutions.

Our companies:
Gilad Lobbying is one of Israel's leading lobbying firms, specializing in providing strategic advice in the governance arena. In this framework, the company offers a full spectrum of services, including lobbying services, government relations, crisis management and business entrepreneurship for leading companies and organizations, as well as international corporations.

PRO Strategy is a strategic thinking firm who specialize in creating communication and public policy campaigns to build our customers’ company narrative. Our roots are in high level journalism and editing positions in the major Israeli media
channels and help companies, managements and union labors manage their communication journey with their key audiences.

BSI is a comprehensive government affairs and strategic communications consulting firm, with special expertise in conducting and advising political campaigns around the world. BSI team members have been organizing and winning political campaigns in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA, including among others the 2016 Trump-Pence campaign in Israel.

GS strategies focus on strategic management and business development, leveraging powerful networking and know-how into a successful realization of complex business models. GS Partner in companies in the fields of Pharma, transportation, and industry, including Cann10 Medical Cannabis.

Our management:
Amir Gilad – Chairman
Ariel Sender – Chief Business Director
Yael Shilony – CEO Gilad Lobbying
Ori Ramati – CEO Pro Strategy
Marc Zell – BSI, Director