Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying

Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying is a firm specializing in lobbying services and government relations. Gilad serves dozens of clients, including the leading bodies of the world economics and Israeli market, implementing solutions in the lobbying, government and regulation field.


Since its establishment in 1997, Gilad, one of the first lobbying firms in Israel, played an active role in the major Israeli democracy developments, while providing consultancy and assistance to regulatory changes and policy setting of many Israeli public and social life issues.


At Gilad's operational core stands the professional experience of each team member, a deep acquaintance with the decision making procedures of all Israeli governing authorities, as well as a long term professional relationship with government ministers, Knesset members, parliamentarian advisers and other officials involved in the regulation and decision making procedures.


Amir Gilad, company's founder and owner, gained vast experience working with the government and Knesset, acquired during many years of activity as a lobbyist in these arenas and as part of his previous duties serving as a senior adviser to the Knesset Finance Committee chairman and operations coordinator at the Union of Local Authorities.


Ariel Sender, company chairman, is of major experience managing campaigns in the public and political system and is considered one of the most esteemed specialists in the lobbying and government relations field in Israel. Ariel is a former acting director-general of the Tourism Ministry and director-general of the "National Union - Israel beytenu" party.


The company's areas of operation:

Lobbying Promoting the client's causes in the government and Knesset. Raising support
among decision makers for defined and measured goals.

Government Relations Developing a long term relationship between the client and decision makers in the government and Knesset.

Strategic Consultancy Analyzing goals and ways of operation and providing long term strategic planning to business and social companies and bodies.

Crisis Management Crisis oriented operation including planning and advising on preferred ways of operation and response in the media and in the government corridors.

Services provided to clients:

Daily monitoring of Knesset and government information.
Follow up on parliamentarian initiatives and bills that may have a crucial impact on
client's fields of operation in the present or the future.
Representation in the Knesset committees and following up on the subjects of interest.
Designing the strategy and plan for operating with the government.
Mapping the decision makers and influence centers relevant to the client's field of
Forming support and influence groups amongst ministers, Knesset members and other
relevant authorities.
Utilizing parliamentarian tools, such as bills (promotion, prevention or change),
parliamentary questions, motions for the agenda and more.
Initiating background meetings for diplomacy and personal briefing of decision makers
at all levels.
Initiating and organizing conferences between non parliament bodies and ministers andKnesset members (round-table conferences, lobbies of interest groups conferences in 
the Knesset and more).


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