Chen Ben Lulu, Strategic Consultant

Expertise Areas: Local Government & Settlement, Social Organizations, Education.

Chen joined Gilad in 2022 and manages clients from the business sector and the third sector in the framework of their activities among decision makers in the Knesset and government.
Between the years 2015-2022, Chen managed the international relations unit of the Samaria Regional Council, prior to that he served as spokesman for the Homeland Defense Ministry and communications advisor to the Minister of Energy and Water, Uzi Landau.

Chen is a strategist, with a rich background and experience in the world of diplomatic relations and public diplomacy, working with central and local government, with the world of media and the third sector and with philanthropic entities, Chen has led many significant initiatives in the fight against boycott and delegitimization attempts undertaken against the State of Israel around the world. As part of his global activities, he forged a close and unique relationship with senior international officials in the US, Europe, South America and the Far East.

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