Amir Gilad, Founder & Gilad Group Chairman, Partner

Founded the Gilad Government Relations and Lobbying Company in 1997.

Achieved a breakthrough in the lobbying industry in Israel with an innovative vision of business lobbying committed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and service. By assembling a group of a high-quality and professional personnel and implementing structured work processes of focus, innovation, planning and goal setting – Amir Gilad has led the Gilad company to impressive achievements in the field of lobbying in Israel. Deemed one of Israel’s leading experts in political analysis and consulting, and benefiting from the trust of leading businessmen and managers in Israel and abroad for whom he serves as a close advisor.
Previously served as senior advisor to the chairman of the Knesset’s finance committee, coordinator of local government center operations and chairman of the business forum for graduates of the academic track at the College of Management. Holds a BA in business administration.

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