Gilad. Success-oriented professionalism

Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying was established in 1997 and is the oldest and leading lobbying company in Israel, specializing in the provision of strategic advice in the government arena. In this framework, the Company offers a wide spectrum of services, including lobbying, government relations, crisis management and business entrepreneurship for leading companies and organizations in the economy.

The company has over 20 consultants and client managers with expertise in the following fields: energy, environment and agriculture, pharma and health, municipal authorities and real estate, banking and finance, transportation, communication, industry and commerce, technology and innovation.

The company was founded out of a vision to create an open communication channel between society and business arenas and elected legislators, with the aim of initiating a professional and ethical dialogue between the two worlds, and with the goal of successfully improving the economy and society. In Israel, as in other democratic and enlightened countries in Europe and America, the open dialogue, conducted in a transparent manner, is used as an effective, productive and transformative management tool.

Gilad supports its clients in the promotion of important initiatives in Israeli democracy, which are reflected in legislative changes, regulation and involvement in policy making. This on the basis of a commitment to balancing the needs of the public, the political and parliamentary activity, and the business and social interests of clients and whilst achieving significant results in professionalism, transparency and compliance with the code of ethics.

Gilad’s lobbying project is managed by leading, talented and motivated professionals who work with decision makers in the government and the public arena. The client is a partner in the process and is updated in real time by the project manager, with the work based on a structured process which includes partnering with the client in formulating the goals, choosing the strategy for treatment, analyzing the relevant political arena and examining opportunities to create change, determining schedules and indicators for success and control.

We believe that lobbying also constitutes a new opportunity for social sectors and business sectors that deem themselves “distant or remote” from the legislator and government representatives, to be able to make their voices heard and influence the decision-making processes, with decision-makers on their part being able to listen, respond, inform themselves and come to sensible and impartial decisions.

As of our founding and persistently throughout the years, we sanctify the values of truth, transparency and professionalism as our guiding principles and are proud to play an active role in important processes in Israeli democracy, and to be partners in promoting issues of value and benefit to the general public, thus working to maintain a healthy society and a robust economy which balances the needs of the various parties, out of a mutual desire and mission to bring about the creation of a better country for its citizens. 

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